Wedding Dress Trends in Dubai 2023

Amour Bridal in Dubai has the most trendy wedding dresses in UAE for 2023. We have dresses that are so detailed and delicate which look so aesthetic on every size and shape. Only the best wedding dresses are seen in our bridal boutique, in Dubai. We will be talking about the very aesthetic and trendy 2023 wedding dresses and accessories.


If crystals or sequences are too much for you pearls are the best option you’ve got. We have got the best dresses with pearls sewed in so delicately, and would look as if you were swimming in beautiful shiny pearls. This trend of pearls on wedding gowns are so subtle yet so unique and aesthetic. Pearls literally go with everything and anything, the most minimalistic element you can add to your wedding dress, but it doesn’t stop there, you can also add little pearls to your veil, shoes, earrings, necklace and so much more.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses

3D Flower

You can choose to be subtle or dramatic on your wedding day and this new trend of 3D flowers on wedding dresses are for the most dramatic brides out there. Intricate hand stitched flowers and leaves on white dresses gives life to the wedding dresses in the best way possible. They look so romantic on wedding dresses and are perfect for garden weddings. 3D flowers on wedding dresses also give cottage core vibes, the country wedding theme is so right for dresses with lace and flowers on them.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses


Corsets in wedding dresses aren’t very new but the transparent bone structure on the waist gives a cinching of the waist effect. The tradition of corset wedding dresses goes on for a long time but it is back in trend. Wedding dresses with corsets give you a very hourglass body shape and it is very good support for the brides with a big bust. Corset wedding gowns are so modern and simple. Modern and traditional brides love corset wedding gowns and the corset waist can be hidden or transparent, it is all up to the bride.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses

Detachable Skirt

Wedding dresses with detachable skirts are so convenient and comfortable for your first dance. The skirts add a long train to the volume of the wedding gown at the altar which is so beautiful and dramatic.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses

Later on you can remove the skirt and be ready for your first dance, no extra fluff will bother you from dancing your heart out on your wedding day. Modern brides love these kinds of dresses and it serves as an extra wow factor to your wedding dress. You can also surprise your friends and family by completely changing your dress.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses

Puffy Sleeves

Sleeves that are so puffy, they look like a Disney princess wedding dress. The puffy sleeves are sometimes detachable sleeves as well, they can be removed at your convenience, if it’s too hot you can remove them and if it’s too cold you can pop them back on. If you are thinking of planning a French themed wedding, it would look perfect. You can accessorize puffy sleeves as you like and try on different styles at your bridal shoot. We really hope you can visit our bridal showroom in dubai and check out the latest 2023 collections of bridal wear. Our team will be more than happy to assist during your bridal dress appointment and we will do the best to keep you up with the latest wedding dress trends of 2023.

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