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All around the world there are so many different wedding themes and finding your perfect wedding dress would be impossible. Amour bridal in Dubai is one of the best wedding dress boutiques where you will find wedding dresses of all sorts and themes.


Elegant weddings are usually a mix of modern and traditional elements incorporated in the wedding. A modern wedding dress where you have a cape or removable sleeves would be such an interesting element to add to your wedding. You/ can also choose a traditional style wedding dress where it is very simple and plain yet it is made of expensive fabric like mikado or satin.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses


Bohemian weddings are relaxed or laid back weddings where your location would be outdoors and nature is very well fused in with your style. Bohemian or boho wedding dresses are also trending in 2023, brides who want to go with a simple or a natural look would love the boho wedding dresses we have in our showroom. These dresses are light, have fun elements like frills and puffy sleeves. It is mostly made of very light translucent material like tulle.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses


Luxurious weddings are so glamorous in a way that they are held at locations like the church or a banquet hall where it is traditional yet so fancy and luxurious. For weddings like this, wedding dresses like a Princess wedding dress or a mermaid wedding gown with a cape would look just extravagant. Wedding dresses that are slightly more heavy but handmade with beautiful beading and embroidery would make your day so much more special and beautiful.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses


Garden weddings are so light and fun as they are located in a garden or a gazebo. These weddings need a wedding gown with 3D flowers on them as it would quite literally pop out and look so interesting with the colorful flowers at the wedding venue. In the middle eastern market we have brides looking for full sleeve wedding dresses therefore we receive so many wedding dresses with heavy beading or 3D flowers all over the dress, a custom made veil to match the wedding dress would look beautiful as you walk down the aisle across the grass or flowers on your wedding day.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses


Traditional weddings are usually held in a church where it is a beautiful opportunity for the brides to pick out a wedding dress that would look so good across the tiles of the old churches. A crisp white or off white wedding dress, maybe the wedding dress could be plain or maybe the wedding dress could be a little heavy, it is all up to the bride. These weddings usually have a surprise element which the bride could fulfill with their wedding dress as nowadays there are quick changing wedding dresses that would look traditional during the vows and different during the first dance, this transformation of the bride is just so unique, every bride should be able to exeriave this at least once.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses
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