European Vs Arab Wedding Dresses

Here at Amour Bridal we get clients from all over the world, especially European and Middle Eastern brides. Our collection of wedding dresses has a wide range from which you can come and choose from.

Arab Wedding Dress

Arab Wedding Dresses are costumes in a way that it looks very princessey and our Arab brides love the extra poof of their wedding dress which make them feel very special in their wedding dress on their wedding day.
The first Arab wedding dress trend would be the bling bling on their wedding dresses, the glam and the glitz which makes it feel so royal and expensive. As we imagine something like a royal wedding gown, we immediately picture a ball gown with a high neck, long puffy sleeves, and plenty of sparkles and glitter.
Modesty also plays a big part in Middle Eastern culture therefore we also offer wedding dresses that have long sleeves, extra lining throughout the dress so it is not see through and if we don’t have sleeves on the dress we are more than happy to add it to your wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses

Being in the wedding dress business for over 2 years has taught us how our middle eastern brides like their dresses and they want a feeling of royalty and majestic bridal looks. Middle Eastern brides go all out on their wedding and especially their wedding dresses, so Amour Bridal is here for the brides and we would love for you to check out our wedding gown collection and help you feel like the most royal and beautiful princess there ever was.

European Wedding Dress

European brides who come to us have a very simple taste in wedding dresses, they don’t want anything glamorous but something elegant and subtle. At Amour Bridal we have the most elegant dresses as well, we have a wide range of wedding dresses from satin tulle to the most expensive Japanese satin which is mikado, these materials look phenomenal on our European brides as it is light, flowy, and super easy to wear. In these light and elegant dresses we have, our brides can dance all night if they want to and it is so breathable that you can eat as much as you want.
European brides from the UK or France usually look for something very subtle and plain, without too much bling as they usually have their weddings at gardens, vineyard or the church, mostly something outdoors, and usually it’s their location which makes them want to buy very light and airy dresses which look very natural on them and give them a sense of elegance rather than royalty.

Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses

We like to give our brides the best possible collection of wedding dresses and make them feel special and customize their experience of buying a wedding dress from Amour Bridal.

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